Yankee Wife, Met Husband

I am a Yankee fan. No big deal, no surprise. Now, brace yourself…I’ve been married to a Met fan for 15 years. This worked until 2000, but it was okay because the Yanks won that subway series and my husband didn’t expect the Mets to win. This year, the freakin’ Mets are awesome; they’re world beaters and everyone is noticing we’re rooting separately for these NL/AL rivals.

I have to come to terms with how we’re such fan-atics. We’re crazy. We both sulk when our team looses; we both prefer to listen to every pitch; and we both try to nudge our kids to root for the preferred team.

One difference between us: my husband has labeled me a jinx for the Mets. This really annoys me because my dad said I was a jinx when the Giants were playing back in the ’70s. But that wasn’t hard! And yes, I was sitting to the right of the television set when Plasarsjek fumbled that **** ball in the Eagle game! But my brothers were in the room, too. How I got labeled the jinx is beyond me!

I do act just like my dad, though. I’m a poor loser, but I’ve worked hard to behave like an adult and show my two children how to act. So far, they’re good–they like going to Yankee and Shea Stadiums and they cheer for the win. I think they may make it out of this silly fanaticism. I’m still working on not letting Yankee losses bother me so much.

I carry the Yankees with me wherever I go and with whatever I do. From the benign computer wallpaper to thinking, "Mariano wouldn’t let this minor defeat (or even really big defeat) get him down!", I think a lot about the Yankees who find a way to win no matter what, no matter how injured, no matter how far in a slump.

My mental goal is to get back that 2004 Boston Red Sox defeat and subsequent World Championship. They got their movie mentions, their books and their broken curse; but, they will NEVER be Yankees.

Conservative "Dittos", The Redheadedreporter (thanks for the name, Scott)



  1. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Welcome to the MLBlogosphere! Will add you to the Rookies list on MLBlogs.com homepage as soon as you change “My Weblogs” to your blog title. Hey, you should have your husband start a Mets blog here (if he hasn’t already) and then we could have fun promoting them together! Happy posting and feel free to hit up the community blog below anytime.



  2. murphygp@bc.edu

    Yankee Wife, Met Husband? Boo hoo! Try Red Sox Wife, Yankee Husband – now we’re talking about a real rivalry and, consequently, real marital strife! Your “mental goal” of getting back that 2004 defeat to the Sox is just that — all in the mind, never to be realized… accept it. And, no, the Red Sox will never be Yankees – GLORY TO GOD (OR ORTIZ, BIRD FOR THAT MATTER) IN THE HIGHEST!

  3. Rebecca

    A bit sensitive, there, Murphy. But that’s okay. I know you’ve suffered for many years, so I’ll accept your comments out of shear pity. Kiss, hug

  4. pmrn3@aol.com

    yankee wife, I know what you mean by carrying the Yankees with you where ever you go…I even wear Yankee uniforms at work( I am a nurse and they do sell Yankee scrubs). If it helps you with your husband, just remember who manages the Mets– our fav, Willie Randolph!… it helps me deal with the Mets winning season… I want the best for Willie…. The Mets aren’t the team to be annoyed with, its the Red Sox…now they make me sick…its like magic dust was sprinkled on them at the start of the season….up until Manny pulled his oblique, they have had virtually no major injuries which is why they are where they are now… if they had to play with all the injuries the Yankees were dealt this season, they would be way down in the line in the Eastern Division….The only players on their team that are worth anything is David Ortiz, and Beckett….the rest are just good players…The Yankees on the other hand,we have lots of secret weapons as I like to refer to them as.

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