Taking It One Win At A Time

I haven’t dared to come back to the blog for a long time. I think I feel I have to be prolific everytime I write something. That’s a great procrastination technique, I tell ‘ya.

I’m a writer by trade, so of course, every word I crank out feels like pulling teeth at times. Plus, there’s the constant feeling that every sentence has to be perfect, placed exactly in the right place.

I wonder if that’s how a lot of the Yankee players feel about their craft. Alex Rodriguez spent last year feeling like he had to win most games with one swing of the bat and ended up having a mediocre year. There’s a lesson here, of course.

One of my college professors once told me, "Don’t let the best be the enemy of the good." He was trying to teach the class to get assignments completed and handed in by deadline. If you over edit or spend too long editing, you can miss your deadline or lose other work in the process. I know this lesson well. But that doesn’t mean I don’t fall back into it occasionally.

I’m no Alex Rodriguez, but I’m sure even great superstars like him have problems with what they do best. I’m watching him this season, and so far, so good. I like what I see, but I won’t get too cocky about it. I know how it can be when you start expecting perfection from yourself – you end up accomplishing nothing.

I’ll guarantee that no matter how long I spend editing this, it won’t be perfect. So, for now, I’m taking it one blog at a time; and I’m thinking, just like Alex, one game at a time.



  1. cheerbrunette6500@yahoo.com

    YEAH I’m totally with you! I’m a gal from Texas, but my family have been Bomber fans since the ’20s! Keep it up!

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